Qexo Compiling XQuery to Java bytecodes

Per Bothner


June 2004
Qexo and Kawa Lazy or eager evaluation Event-driven data
for $i in (10, 20) return <p>{$i+1}</p>


void main (Consumer output) {
  temp_1(10, output);  temp_1(20, output);
void temp_1 (Object i, Consumer output) {
  output.writeItem(NumOps.add(i, 1));
  output.endElement("p"); }
Node representation Compiler overview
  1. Parsing.
  2. QName expansion.
  3. Module import.
  4. Name resolution.
  5. Analysis and optimalization.
  6. Code generation.
  7. Output of bytecode to .class files or for immediate execution.
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