Lots of Kawa changes

Kawa has seemingly been pretty quiet, but lately I'm been making a lot of little improvements.

While it's going to take a while before Kawa can claim to implement R6RS, I've made a bunch of changes that bring it closer:

  • Support the R6RS import keyword, including support for renaming.

  • Implemented the (rnrs sorting) library.

  • Various little changes in character literal and string literal syntax.

  • The comment prefix #; skips the following S-expression, as specified by SRFI-62.

  • All the R6RS exact bitwise arithmetic functions are now implemented and documented in the manual. The new standard functions (for example bitwise-and) are now preferred over the old functions (for example logand).

Kawa also support some new SRFIs: SRFI-62 (S-expression comments); SRFI-64 (Scheme API for test suites); SRFI-95 (Sorting and Merging); SRFI-97 (Names for SRFI Libraries). The last is a naming convention for R6RS import statements to reference SRFI libraries.

Also a lot of other changes and performance improvements. See the Kawa news page for more information.

It is (way past) time for an actual release, which will be called Kawa 1.10. I think we've got enough features (I'm hopying to add JSR-223 support before I call it done), but there is lots of little cleanups, plus documentation to write.